What We Sell

VOIPLINK sells high-quality telecommunications equipment ensures tailored connectivity solutions to perfectly match your unique communication requirements.

New IP Phones, Headsets & Video Conferencing

Whether a single office or a multi-site organization, VOIPLINK provides you access to the world’s top manufacturers, including:

VOIPLINK Certified

VOLIPLINK Certified products have been carefully inspected, tested and restored to optimal working condition. By choosing Certified equipment our customers maximize their budgets, maintain high-quality communications, and contribute to a greener world.

Why buy Certified?

Purchasing certified telecommunications equipment from VOIPLINK guarantees that the products have met rigorous industry standards for performance and safety. This ensures optimal functionality and longevity and reduces the risk of disruptions, ensuring consistent and reliable communication for users.

Cost Savings

Better Warranty

Access to Retired Products

Green Solutions

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