Mitel IP5360 IP Phone (IP5360) Refurb


Mitel IP5360 IP Phone (IP5360) Refurb



Condition: Refurbished

Mitel IP5360 IP Phone (IP5360)


The Mitel® 5360 IP Phone is Mitel’s latest state-of-the-art IP phone which includes a large color touch-sensitive graphical display screen for easy access to communications information timesaving applications and extensive features. It provides professionals with an intuitive color interface for easier viewing and navigation of both phone functions and productivity-enhancing applications. The 5360 IP Phone color phone with Web capabilities is poised to deliver a whole series of HTML-based applications. The phone boasts a seven-inch touch-screen display which grants access to the applications. The device also features wideband audio embedded Gigabit Ethernet and a built-in HTML toolkit for application development. And