Secondary Market Disclaimer

VoIPLINK is an authorized partner for most  of the products it sells on (including NEC, Samsung, Positron, Epygi, Unify, Snom, Jabra, and Matrix).  VoIPLINK also offers for sale Secondary Market equipment from Original End Manufacturers (OEMs) that are not affiliated with VoIPLINK.

Secondary Market IT and telephony gear is acquired through multiple channels including but not limited to reverse logistics, stock rotations, demo returns, overstocks and other situational opportunities and is available for resale through VoIPLINK and its authorized channel partners. All warranties stated or implied on Secondary Market equipment are provided by VoIPLINK LLC and not through the OEM.

Refurbished equipment, while not “new”, has been tested and/or remanufactured to meet original product specifications.  This work is performed in the USA, by VoIPLINK employees in our own labs and production facilities.  VoIPLINK does not alter or change firmware or software in any way on any IT products it sells. VoIPLINK may or may not  “default” IT equipment to its original factory settings. Unused Equipment   is product that is still in OEM packaging and has never been installed, but is Secondary Market, and therefore not classified “new” and warranty-supported solely through VoIPLINK LLC. New Equipment is new product in new packaging that is authorized by the OEM to be sold through Voiplink, and is OEM supported through the same.

“Cisco” is a registered trademark of Cisco Systems of San Jose CA.  VoIPLINK LLC has no business affiliation with Cisco Systems.  “Avaya” is a registered trademark of Avaya Corporation in Basking Ridge, NJ.  VoIPLINK LLC has no affiliation with Avaya Corporation. “ 

The Secondary Market for IT and telephony products marketplace is estimated at well over $2B USD.  A national IT research firm study revealed that fully 91% of the Fortune 1000 have purchased IT or telephony gear from the Secondary Market in the last five years. The IT/telephony secondary market has existed for over 40 years and offers enterprise and small business consumers cost savings, flexibility, and choice.